Good project management (PM) relieves the client of a significant burden. We work for and with the client to keep projects in scope, on schedule, and within budget. Once we provide system assessment, studies, reports, system designs and specifications, we are frequently retained as project managers to lead the implementation of new technologies and system enhancements. Because we are the architects of the system, our project management capabilities ensure that the supplier, contractor, technology components, system integration, transition and training processes all align with the Agency’s specifications and the expectations.

Our guiding project management principles are:

  • The client’s Project Manager is always supported by one of our principals
  • We are dedicated to understanding all sides of an issue and to treating all parties fairly
  • We use as many PM concepts as necessary, but not more
  • We do our best to manage the expectations of all stakeholders
  • We deliver needed solutions, concepts that work, and advice our clients can count on

We ensure that all elements of the new system align with the Agency's specifications and expectations.