Bay Area Toll Authority

TTI has been consulting with BATA under various contracts since 2002. Following provides an overview of some projects we have worked on with BATA.

In 2010, TTI prepared an RFP for BATA for a total toll system upgrade. We are currently overseeing the development and testing of many facets of the new system.

Strategic Tolling Plan – TTI was tasked by BATA to develop a strategy for the management of ETC accounts, transactions and violations on all toll facilities operated by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

Regional CSC – As a result of the strategic plan, BATA undertook several programs to increase ETC market share and gain operating efficiencies. In support of this strategy was the merger of the back-office systems with the other FasTrak system in the Bay Area – the Golden Gate Bridge. BATA awarded TTI a contract to develop the RFP for a Regional Customer Service Center servicing both the Golden Gate Bridge and the seven Caltrans-owned Bay area bridges.

It is noteworthy that at the end of this project TTI was commended by both the agency and the contractor for our diligence in identifying and resolving problems which helped bring the project in on time.

First Bay Area Open Road System – Another innovative BATA project was the implementation of the first ORT system in the Bay Area. When BATA was assigned oversight of the Caltrans toll bridges; the new Benicia Bridge was nearing completion. The toll plaza design consisted of seventeen conventional toll lanes and booths with manual and electronic toll collection capabilities. Although much of the toll collection equipment had been delivered several years prior to completion of the facility, the original manufacturer had since gone out of the business and BATA had no contractor or consultant agreements to ensure proper installation and testing of the system.

Other notable projects include:

  • Toll System Assessment
  • VES Replacement
  • Full Toll System Replacement

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Bay Area Toll Authority

TTI has been the Toll Systems Consultant to the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) since 2002...

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