Metropolitan Transportation Commission

In 2012, TTI was selected as part of a team to assist MTC with oversight of the development, implementation and the initial operations of the toll system for the MTC-authorized Express Lane Network. The team was selected to provide strategic advice on how to structure the system development process and how to procure system integrator services that build on existing toll system infrastructure over the multi-phase build-out of the network.

TTI is currently managing implementation of the MTC's new toll system and overseeing the efforts of the system integrator.

Over the term of the MTC contract, the toll consulting team is managing the implementation of the toll system for the MTC Phase 1 project and assisting in managing operations, as well as some portions of implementation, for subsequent phases of the Express Lanes Network.

Consulting services we have provided to MTC:

  • Performed a full system assessment of functional requirements and design options
  • Developed business rules and system requirements
  • Selected and is currently overseeing the work of the toll system integrator
  • Developed public information, signage and a new website
  • Provides on-going project management and technical oversight

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