North Carolina Turnpike Authority

In 2014, TTI was retained by NCTA to provide various toll collection consulting services as part of a consultant bench contract. Our work with NCTA began as an Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) consultant on various projects. This started with a review of the Monroe Expressway/US-74 RFP; which included dynamic pricing, business rules, and technical requirements. Our team also provided a full review of the lead consultant’s pricing sheets in the form of a “shadow bid” which provided NCTA the opportunity to correct formulas and test the feasibility of the requested pricing format before issuing the RFP. Since that effort, TTI has been involved in an increasing number of tasks and assignments of an E-ZPass Interoperability task prior to our bench contract.

Additional Projects include:

  • Image processing analysis
  • Tri-protocol AVI reader and transponder procurement and deployment
  • Back office operations oversight
  • Data analysis program/CSC database query support
  • Monroe Expressway toll system implementation oversight

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TTI was responsible for the analysis of all testing data and anomalies, compiling all the data, and the development of the final test report.

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